David Price (UK), Maurice Carlin (IRL) and G. Leddington (UK) Art Residency Exchange: La Escocesa / Islington Mill

David Price (UK), Maurice Carlin (IRL) and G. Leddington (UK) - Residencia artís

Not another sermon! I don't mind a lie if it's interesting - Rashomon, 1950 (directed by Akira Kurosawa) 

David Price (UK), Maurice Carlin (IRL) and G. Leddington (UK) will spend the month of February collectively in residence at La Escocesa Studios. Though their artistic practises share much in common, rather than collaborate intimately on a collectively authored artwork, they will instead work in close proximity producing individual works as they would in their normal habitats. Under these conditions they will monitor each others progress, develop opinions and thoughts on each others work and in the end produce displayable 'accounts' of what they think happened during the residency and what they believe their colleagues work to be concerned with. The result will be one artist talk, one open studio, one exhibition and three opinions.

They will also take part in the 'Cháchara' event at Homesession (Bcn) on Thursday 9th, which we highly recommend and will remind you about in a few days.

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