Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
16 April 2020 - 30 May 2020
Lloc: Can Felipa
A causa d'aquesta situació excepcional que estem vivint, posposem les inscripcions així com les dates d'inici dels tallers. Tan aviat com sigui possible, us informarem de noves dates per recuperar l'activitat.


Educational program of visual arts that arises from the collaboration between Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Hangar and La Escocesa.

Entreteixides is a programme that aims to encourage the creation of contents at the Centre Cívic Can Felipa by means of specific workshops given by artists and cultural producers that operate in the context of Hangar and La Escocesa. The objective of Entreixides is to promote and test cooperative and participatory methodologies aimed at transversal and trans-generational audiences; a multiplicity of affected bodies* that will strengthen and expand the field of action of the three centres. To do so, it is essential to create alliances and share -not only resources, but also lines of thought and action- between collaborating institutions, an essential task in the methodological proposal of a programme based on interaction and coexistence.

The selection of the workshops that form part of the Entreixides programme is made by launching an internal call for proposals twice a year, during the months of February and July, aimed at artists and cultural producers from Hangar and La Escocesa. From the proposals received, two workshops are chosen to be included in the quarterly of Centre Cívic Can Felipa’s programme. Non selected applications are equally valued to be part of the future programme of workshops at the Centre Cívic.

*Denise Ferreira da Silva



This semester, the workshops that integrate Entreteixides are:

Amateur painting group
Registration: from May 11th to 14th here.
Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from May 19 to June 18
Time: from 7pm to 9pm
Location: from home, on the Jitsi platform
Places available: 12
Price: free of charge

Painting group that aims to explore the possibilities of amateur painting as opposed to professional practice. Attendees are encouraged to paint what they like or don’t like, what happens to them, or what has never happened to them. It is a workshop aimed at those who are starting to practice painting as well as those who already have some knowledge. It is conceived as a meeting place to paint together and comment on what has been done. Workshop by Aldo Urbano, artist in residence at Hangar.

Painting in English
Registration: from May 11th to 14th here.
Dates: Monday and Wednesday, 18 May to 22 June
Time: from 11 am to 1 pm
Location: from home, on the Jitsi platform
Places available: 12
Price: free of charge

In this course we will study and practice different forms of painting including landscape, portrait, still life and abstract painting, and begin to think about what kind of painters we would like to be. Each topic includes a brief introduction using examples from contemporary and modern British and American painters to provide a historical and artistic context. Workshop in English by Michael Lawton, artist in residence at La Escocesa.

Embroidery and dialogue -Workshop postponed. New date to be confirmed-
From 04/17/2020
Friday, from 6 to 8 pm
Place: Centre Cívic Can Felipa. Nova room.
Free of charge

The workshop proposes a collective piece of textile art, based on words, phrases and parts of conversations. The participants will contribute the discourses that surround them daily and then transform them into the collective fabric. This same fabric will be transformed into a tablecloth on which a meal will be held on the last day of the workshop. Workshop held by Radial Radiante, collective in residence in La Escocesa.

Intertface: video creation workshop -Workshop postponed. New date to be confirmed-
Workshop for young people. From 04/16/2020
Schedule: Thursday, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm
Place: Centre Cívic Can Felipa. Room 1
Free of charge (9 sessions)

A workshop on video-essay creation is proposed. In the first part, different videos made by artists, film directors, YouTubers, etc. will be visualized and analyzed. The second part will be dedicated to the creation of small video exercises that will culminate in a personal project, ending with a projection of the results. We will work on the conceptual development of a project, the creation of a script, filming, editing and publishing. Workshop by Juan David Galindo Guarín, artist in residence at La Escocesa.

Registrations here.


Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona