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28 June 2022 18:00 - 20:00
29 June 2022 18:00 - 20:00

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Anti-colonial aesthetics, historical memory, and new curatorial cartographies


What is the place of Southern thought and anti-colonial aesthetics in contemporaneity? What is their place in the face of new contestations of imaginary, symbolic, narratives, or in the creation of new forms of political imagination within cultural ecosystems and contemporary art? Historically situating the museum as a colonial device of temporal, spatial, and territorial narration in modernity, from where do we look at ourselves as collective subjects of the construction of artistic practices? Where do we reconcile questions of identity, memory, with the geopolitics of knowledge?

This seminar, given by Fabián Villegas from de Contranarrativas, provides theoretical/practical tools for the cartography of artistic and curatorial practices, models of cultural management, conservation, critical museology, counter-visuality, critical mediation and experimental models of pedagogy in contemporary art framed from Southern thought, racialized epistemologies, anti-colonial perspectives, anti-racist struggles and studies of the Global South.

Through two working sessions, the intention is to build a transdisciplinary laboratory that systematizes correspondences, dialogues, exchanges and crossings between multiple anti-colonial aesthetics, curatorial practices, anti-racist genealogies of knowledge production, from the experience of the Global South.

To problematize the regimes of representation of art institutions as a narrative technology of colonial projects, in order to reconceptualize the notion of heritage, museum policies, exhibition schemes, and management models that allow us to build spaces of memory, political imagination, activators of reparative and redistributive processes within the community for the community. Spaces of memory that break with the monumentality of official narratives, colonial/imperial histories, and allow us to make visible other spatial narratives, other existential geographies, emotional cartographies where the SOUTH-SOUTH dialogue and autocartographic exercises are tools for the construction of a collective archive, archives of counter-memory.



This seminar is oriented toward people interested mainly in the areas of art and curatorship, humanities and social sciences, cultural studies, cultural management, conservation and heritage, museography, migrations, studies of the South and critical pedagogy. People close to the anti-racist field and anti-colonial disputes.

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In relation to this seminar Fabián Villegas will also present the project Contranarrativas: Anticolonial Cartographies. Performative futures, corpo-oralities and political imagination.


About Fabián Villegas

Writer, journalist, spoken word artist, scholar and researcher in South epistemologies, decolonial thoughts and racial studies. From 2007 to date, Fabian Villegas has been invited to give multiple conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops in various universities and academic centers, renowned art biennials and community cultural centers across the globe (México, Dominican Republic, France, Spain, Puerto Rico, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Guatemala, Dubai, Costa Rica, U.S, Venezuela, Belice. He is also the co-founder of Contranarrativas, a collaborative project that seeks to create horizontal knowledge production spaces to stimulate the visibility, dissemination and production of epistemologies, decolonial  narratives and peripheral aesthetics of the Global South. Born in Mexico City, Villegas currently resides in the Dominican Republic.


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Image: Kiluanji Kia Henda

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona