Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
31 May 2024 18:00 - 22:00

Free public activity

No registration required

The main language of the event will be Spanish

alto el foc

palestinian resistance


Since the 1920s, resistance movements have led the struggle, and to this day, resistance is not only a mission of the Palestinian people, but of all those of us who are supporting the struggle. Solidarity, boycott, or even criticism or silence can be considered acts of resistance.

This session is focused on Palestinian resistance, with the aim of experiencing the different types of resistance, and for each person to reflect on what dynamics of individual or collective resistance can be exercised.

A session curated and modelled by Kleo La Faraona
with the support of the Altre Bad 3Arab collective.
Graphics by eli del oro



From 18:00h to 20:30h
We will have the main activity of cooking ajuntis and having a talk in an Arabian salon style.

From 20:30h to 22:00h
We will end this activity with music, we will have time to have lunch with Palestinian background music.

Throughout the event, funds will be raised to give support and solidarity to the Palestinian people. They will be donated in full to support artist Mahmoud Al Haj's campaign to evacuate his family from Gaza. 


وقف إطلاق النار “المقاومة”، لا إسكوسيسا و طريق الحرير وكليو الفرعونة , متحدون لجلسة خاصة في 31 مايو في لا إسكوسيسا!

منذ عشرينيات القرن الماضي، قادت حركات المقاومة النضال، وحتى اليوم، المقاومة ليست مهمة فقط للشعب الفلسطيني، بل لجميع الأشخاص الذين يدعمون النضال. يمكن أن تُعتبر التضامن، والمقاطعة، وحتى الصرخة أو الصمت أعمالًا من أعمال المقاومة

ندعوكم للعيش معنا تجربة مختلفة النوع تركز على المقاومة الفلسطينية ، ليختبر كل شخص مننا منذ مكانه ما هي ديناميكيات المقاومة الفردية أو الجماعية التي يمكن ممارستها، فلذلك نراكم يوم الجمعة 31 ايار الساعة 6:00 مساءً حتى الساعة 22:00 وسيكون معنا

ميرفت الرملي، فلسطينية من مواليد قطاع غزة عام 1992
أسماء إسماعيل ولدت في مخيم “شعفاط” في القدس، فلسطين
بولس سعد له جذور من بساتين الزيتون في جبل الشيخ، جنوب لبنان
بمشاركة الفرقة الموسيقية الجديدة التي أنشأتها الحركة الفلسطينية طراطور  
جلسة برعاية وتصميم كليو الفرعونة 

من الساعة 18:00 حتى الساعة 20:30، سنقوم بالنشاط الرئيسي وهو الطهي معًا وإجراء محادثة على الطراز الصالون العربي. سنختتم هذا النشاط بالموسيقى، ومن الساعة 20:30 حتى الساعة 22:00، وهو وقت انتهاء الفعالية، سيكون لدينا وقت لتناول العشاء معًا مع الموسيقى الفلسطينية في الخلفية. اللغة الرئيسية للفعالية ستكون الإسبانية.




MERVET (Mervat Alramli), is a Palestinian born in the Gaza Strip in 1992. He moved to Italy at the age of 12. He studied Theatre Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino and obtained a Master's degree in Didactics and Communication of Artistic Heritage at the Academy of Bologna. She has contributed to the organisation of several travelling exhibitions in Italy.

She has worked as a designer and conductor of artistic and multidisciplinary workshops in schools, and has designed training courses for Innovative Didactics for teachers. She currently collaborates with several theatres in the Spanish territory for the creation of theatre scripts. As a freelance professional, she teaches the language and spreads Arabic culture.

ASMA tell us their story "If you prefer a unique story, or one similar to that of many people in Palestine... here is mine. My mother, only eight years old in 1948, was displaced from her home in Haifa with her family to Jerusalem. My parents used to live in the old city of Jerusalem, but in 1967, they were displaced to the only refugee camp in Jerusalem, "Shufat". Since then, until the time of their death, they have lived there...

I was born in the "Shufat" camp in Jerusalem, Palestine. I grew up within its boundaries, lived my youth there until 2010, until I moved to live in Spain. When I remember my childhood in the camp, with minimal resources and scarce services, I feel that I lived on the edge. However, it was a limit marked by the lack of freedom of movement, the constant insecurity that surrounds our lives, and the control that was imposed on every aspect of our existence. Anger has grown in me over the years. Me, my eleven siblings and my parents, all living in "Shufat", a camp within our own land, in our own city, while unknown people occupied the house that belonged to my parents.

It has now been 5 years since I have been unable to return to visit my family in Palestine. But I remain hopeful that when I return to my beloved land, I will return without restrictions, without having to suffer, without needing permits. I will return because I am the daughter of this land, and no one should tell me who I am in my own home".

Boulos Saad has roots in the olive groves of Jabal Al-Sheikh in southern Lebanon. Growing up away from them, he has explored the idea of identity, belonging and reconciliation for many years. This took material form through the creation of differently textured networks of resistance and solidarity as hinges of common identity, guided by the reclaiming of traditional land-based cultural knowledge.

After returning to Lebanon in 2019, the economic crisis imposed after the popular revolution, and the explosion of Beirut in 2020, sparked a collective initiative called Tariq el Nahl (Way of the Bees), to address both the urgent crisis and the ongoing systemic violence on the Lebanese people's livelihood methods and land by the government. Through the creation of native botanical gardens (with integrated design of traditional crafts, herbalism, poetry, music and storytelling), they created a basis for gathering around the stories that guide the reconciliation process.

He now lives in Barcelona and is studying for a Master's degree in Political Ecology at the UAB. He has been hosting silent resistance for Palestine in public spaces since November.



We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you about the Alto el Foc that will take place in Hangar next Tuesday 4th June.

Destruction; workshop with Adania Shibli and Shareef Sarhan The epic Arabic poetry of the 6th century demanded that each poet begin his poem from a place of destruction. For this workshop, Adania Shibli (writer) and Shareef Sarhan (artist) propose to take the concept of ‘destruction’ as a starting point to look beyond the idea or pretense of reconstruction, as an inspiration to work and reflect together on how to embark from destruction towards new possibilities of engagement and consideration. Taking destruction as a place to explore new possibilities, especially artistic ones. A vital concept right now given the razing of Gaza and the destruction of Shabaeebk, an art centre co-founded by Shareef Sharnan, one of the two most important art centres offering support and space to artists in the strip. Translated with (free version). +info


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31 May 2024 18:00 - 22:00

Free public activity

No registration required

The main language of the event will be Spanish

Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona