Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
28 October 2022

From 17h to 19h

Public activity in Spanish
Free admission until full capacity

This activity is part of the project "institutional plasticity. a clinical, aesthetical and political research" of Beatriz Regueira, on of the selected artist in the open call "artistic research grants of La Escocesa 2022".


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activity 1

fantastic, symbolic and embodies - from "institutional psychotherapy" to an embodied institutional plastic art


This meeting is the first of the "institutional plasticity. a clinical, aesthetical and political research" research program, to articulate spaces of reflection and embodiment between the proposals of transformation of subjectivities of the "institutional psychotherapy" of Tosquelles, from an analysis of gender, race and class; and the thesis "Art, body and presence. Cognitive sciences and phenomenological practices of subjectivity" by Beatriz, who approaches psychosocial discomfort from the phenomenological psychology of R. Laing, Buddhist psychology and various clinical-aesthetic somatechniques that intend to decenter the discursive mind and the sensation of "I", to let ourselves be affected by, in the words of Suelly Rolnik; "the knowledge-of-the-living".

The central question that makes "sense-sense" is: What practices would be necessary today, from the psycho-physical diversity, feminisms, decoloniality, incarnated knowledge, and ecological emergence for an "institutional psychotherapy"; that takes care of the personal and collective space, within an artistic, educational, health institution; public and/or hybrid (associations, concerted, cooperatives)?.



From 17 to 17:30h
Conversation with Beatriz Regueira about her project "Institutional Plastic Art" and thesis "Art, body and presence".

We will talk about Beatriz's thesis "Art, body and presence" and the project "Institutional Plastic". The thesis, from a theoretical-practical research based on biographical experiences, field work, theoretical research, self-contemplation practices and corporal performative practices; puts in contact cognitive sciences, feminist philosophy of science, phenomenology, anti-psychiatry, meditative and artistic practices, in an attempt to answer the following question: can critical artistic practices prevent psychophysical, political and ecological discomforts?

From 6 to 7 p.m.
Conversation with Mireia Sallarès about Tosquelles and her film "Historia Potencial de Francesc Tosquelles, Catalunya i la por".

We will reflect on Tosquelles' "Institutional Psychotherapy" and Mireia will talk about her film, halfway between political and experimental documentary, speculative fiction and video-essay, which deals with the forgotten legacy of the Catalan psychiatrist who politicized psychiatry and mental discomfort.

Mireia Sallarès is a film director, researcher and visual artist.


Image: Still from Beatriz's video essay "fantásticas <3_amor_patriarcado_pantalla_proyección" (2021).




Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona