Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
21 January 2023 19:30 - 20:30

Free and public activity with inscription

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Maximum capacity: 15 people

This activity is part of the project "institutional plasticity. a clinical, aesthetical and political research" of Beatriz Regueira, on of the selected artist in the open call "artistic research grants of La Escocesa 2022".


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experiential performance as a medium to embody knowledge


Theory. Embodied Knowledge (Theoria.Conocimiento encarnando), is a collective that works through various experiential performances to connect with our existential field, through the knowledge of the body. Within the project ‘Institutional Plastic’, they offer a "situated meditation", as a way of transforming subjectivity and the institution, not from the discursive quality of the mind, but from its capacity to inhabit the body itself, as well as the spatial and material bodies with which we co-emerge, moment by moment. An "institutional plastic" that understands psychotherapeutic work from an embodied mind.


a meditation situated in taking care of the institution
details of the activity

"A meditation situated in taking care of the institution" is a collective session guided meditation, proposed as a tool to "heal" the institution, through contact with our body awareness, the sensory-perceptual awareness that connects us with the rest of the world both ontologically and phenomenologically.

Theoria, through the notions of "institutional good treatment-mistreatment" shared through a format open to the public, elaborates a specific meditation in order to address the inter and trans-subjective needs of the Escocesa and as an extension, those institutions responsible for improving our lives. Also focused on the study of various practices of "institutional psychotherapy" facilitated mainly by Tosquelles and Nise da Silveira, this experiential performance in the form of meditation, invites us to expand our subjectivity through the possibility of opening ourselves to a state of awareness that points towards the unity, the transience of any experience and the radical interdependence of reality that implies any form of life subject to space and time.


information about the collective

Theoria. Embodied knowledge (Theoria.Conocimiento encarnando), is formed by Beatriz Regueira (researcher and artist), María González (somatic psychologist), in collaboration with Dasha Lavrennikaov (choreographer and researcher).



Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona