Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
23 November 2022 18:00 - 20:30
24 November 2022 18:00 - 20:30
30 November 2022 18:00 - 20:30
1 December 2022 18:00 - 20:30

Public and free activity

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the able-bodied person who lives in you or how to stop systematically excluding


This workshop facilitated by Tatiana Antoni Conesa and Helena Vinent  is an approximation, to anti-ability, access and the disabled world. Through four sessions, they will explore these issues from their situated experiences as discs, activists and artists both from a practical and theoretical perspective. 

The workshop is conceived as a space for training and dialogue aimed at non-disc people with the aim of confronting the structures, attitudes and able-bodied practices and the pre-established ideas around disability. Disability will be put at the center as a social, cultural, political and economic construct and as one of the most invisible and accepted axes of oppression in our context. Taking anti-ability as a transformative path,participants will reflect on how they can disable their practices and the spaces they inhabit.


Practical information:

- It is important to attend all sessions and to be punctual.

- The entrance door will be closed 5 minutes after the starting time. Bring your mobile phone with battery.

- Bring a pen and some paper and/or the tools you need to write and take notes. 


This workshop has been designed with the paid advice of: Steffi Fock, Silvia Liminyana, Laura Moya and Laura Sanmiquel.



Session 0: Anti-capacitist registration

Prior to the start of the workshop, you will be asked to fill out a form that includes various aspects related to what we are going to address in our meetings. Before session 1, you will also receive feedback with some instructions.


Session 1: Anti-Capacity Bases
November 23
18h - 20:30h

In this first meeting we will lay the foundations needed to be able to relate to each other throughout all the workshop. To do this, we will present basic theoretical concepts around anti-ability and the disability of spaces, in relation to our personal experiences as discs.


Session 2: Capacitist, me?
November 24
18h - 20:30h

We will continue to delve into anti-ability, using different styles of anti-ability and/or access forms and we will investigate disc visibility and invisibility.


Session 3: Discus Speculations
November 30

In this experiential session, we will use the space to see how far we let ourselves go. We will use our senses, our body and we will collectively imagine other possibilities of being and being  together.


Session 4: What now?
December 1
18h - 20:30h

In this last session we will share and resolve doubts while grounding the experience acquired through the previous sessions to discuss possible ways of introducing the anti-capacity perspective in our spaces and practices.



Tatiana Antoni Conesa and Helena Vinent are part of collective Irreparable Irreparable is a newly born project made up of disc artists who want to promote a change of perspective on disability through anti-ability and artistic practice. With this project we imagine and make possible other ways of doing and being in the world, breaking with a structured system managed only for and by certain types of bodies.

Tatiana Antoni Conesa (Barcelona, ​​1985). Tatiana Antoni Conesa (Barcelona, ​​1985). Individual and group accompaniment in clinical, social and community settings. With a multidisciplinary perspective that includes the systemic, the body and art. Autistic, non-binary, disc and fat. Her artistic practice is fundamentally based on the intervention and creation of images and texts in different formats. Searching pointing out systemic violence and claiming one's own point of view as an echo of the collective voice. 

Helena Vinent (Barcelona, 1988) is an artist who works with different media, including video, photography, text, sculpture, performance and installation. She is interested in the production of new imaginaries that speculate on other possible realities and that subvert the functional norms of the body from a crip-cuir perspective. From her position as a disca and deaf person, her work focuses on the identitary construction of the disabled body, addressing ideas such human, posthuman and infrahuman. She has done artistic residencies at Fabra i Coats, Hangar and La Escocesa, where she currently works. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Barcelona, Rotterdam, Madrid, Kassel, Mexico City, Palma or Montpellier and has received several national awards and grants. Her work is part of the collections Fundació Montemadrid, Fundació Guasch Coranty, Fundació Güell, Sant Andreu Contemporani and MACBA. During 2022 she has been awarded with the "Beca per a la recerca i la innovació en els àmbits de les arts visuals, de l’arquitectura, de les arts escèniques, de la música i del pensament" and part of the conclusions of this grant have been presented during this workshop.



Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona