Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona
19 November 2022 23:59
20 November 2022 - 15:00

Public activity.
Free entrance.


If you have any needs or questions regarding the accessibility of this activity visit the section access La Escocesa



La Escocesa has a before but also an after. The ruins of the factories keep the aura of an electronic party. Spaces once arranged for mechanical rhythms and days without rest turn now upside down. Machinic marches with recreational objectives. The ruins and the afters are the blind side of the factory.

Now we take up that vernacular use of the factory of La Escocesa to celebrate the possibility of life in the ruins of capitalism. Exhibiting what has been left after, beyond the margins, beyond reality, beyond things. After proposes a dialogue among more than twenty artists in the shape of a collective celebration, gathering diverse proposals from the articulation of the party to the poetics of time dilatation and spaces of relax.
A constant celebration of creativity in which the artworks become gathering devices. Nothing exists here outside the event, nor artworks neither culture, but tools and artifacts with a social function. Everything happens here, in this time, in this place.


Artists: Adrianna Szojda, Alba García Allué, Carmen de Ayora, Andrés Schwerer, Catarina Botelho, Clara Grabowiecki, Irene Contreras, Joana Capella, Jodie Chinn, Juan Francisco Segura, Llapispanc, Lourdes Peñaranda, Marla Jacarilla, Maíra das Neves, Natalia Carminati, Natalia Castañeda, Natalia Domínguez, Núria Nia, Paula Bruna, Rosa Lendínez, Silvia Renda, Thilleli Rahmoun, Toni Hervás, Violeta Ospina, Yazel Parra.

DJ: @Daniel Kelsan

Curators: Juan Antonio Cerezuela y Ezequiel  Soriano.


23:59 - Apertura

00:00-04:00 - Serigrafía con Irene Romanov

02:00-03:00 - Sesión de escucha de Adrianna Szojda

03:00-03:30 - Twork con Joanna Capella

03:45 - Un caldito para quien lo quiera ;)

04:00-05:00 - “Te quiero más que a Internet” con Clara Grabowiecki. VJ Session

05:00-08:00 - Daniel Kelsan Dj Session

08:00-08:30 - Twork con Joanna Capella

09:00-10:30 - Churros con chocolate mmm… delicious

10:30-12:00 - ¿Qué comen las bolleras? Taller de bollería express con Catarina Botelho (10 spots only)

12:00-15:00 - Vermut a cargo de Loop Bcn

12:00-13:0 - La Estrategia con Violeta Ospina y Yazel Parra (incription needed) 

13:00-14:30 - Visita guiada

15:00 - Fin de fiesta, a dormir ;)


AFTER is also part of the open studios program of xarxaprod. More info here.



Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona