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What is the Escocesa?

La Escocesa is an old textile factory recovered, reopened and put into operation by a group of artists who in the 1990s decided to reinterpret the use of the factory and question its hierarchical and alienating principles.

At the end of 2017, La Escocesa began to describe itself as an open factory of analogue creation, in reference to the precarious characteristics of its industrial space, which forces the relationship of those who inhabit it with obsolete architectures and technologies.

Today, it focuses on covering the needs of artists and cultural agents in the different phases of their careers, offering work spaces and resources for the development of their projects.

Due to the multifaceted history of La Escocesa, its values emerge from an emancipatory, cooperative, horizontal and feminist* position that advocates creative freedom, ecology and the development of community projects.

*(La Escocesa uses the feminine gender in its communiqués).

As a space inhabited by the artistic community, the production of La Escocesa is not only focused on the creation of works, but also on the common generation of knowledge, networks of care and new ways of constructing cultural institutions.



What do we do?

Through residencies, research projects, production and internationalisation activities and a network of user partners, La Escocesa contributes to generating alternative forms of experience based on artistic practice.

The calls for residencies and research programmes are open and take place once a year. At the same time, La Escocesa has the figure of the User Member, those artists and researchers who are part of the community but do not have their own workshop. The selection process for user members is open once a year.

Derived from the Research Projects, La Escocesa promotes a series of public collectivisation activities.

In addition to these activities, there are artistic production projects in collaboration with other cultural institutions and an Internationalisation programme that establishes links with various centres of art production and thought at an international level.

But it is not only artistic production that defines La Escocesa, but also its experimentation with new forms of management and development of cultural institutions. Thus, the way of working internally is shaped as a creative action that combines and reciprocally affects artistic production.


How do we organise ourselves?

La Escocesa, as a public institution promoted by Barcelona City Council within the framework of the Fábricas de Creación, works mainly through public calls for proposals. Both the external activity and the management and resident members are chosen through public calls for applications.

The management of La Escocesa follows a community model that operates through an Annual Assembly (made up of all members - residents and users), which appoints a Board of Directors (to which all members can apply).

 User members have access to La Escocesa in two ways:

- Through the Research and Experimentation Projects (those selected for these projects automatically become user members).

- By decision of the Artists board, which receives proposals for membership and decides on access.

The Artists board communicates with the Management for management and decision-making on the factory's actions.

The day-to-day work (administration, production, communication...) is carried out by the office team, elected by the management.


Artists board (2022)

Helena Vinent (President)
Natalia Domínguez (Secretary)
Catarina Botelho (Treasurer)
Ezequiel Soriano (Vice-President)
Lizette Nin (Member)
Natalia Castañeda (member)
Silvia Renda (member)
Matilde Amigo (member)
Roberto Contador (member)
Lourdes Peñaranda (member)
Juan Francisco Segura (member)



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Pere IV, 345 08020 Barcelona